Monday, July 12, 2010

Once Upon a Read-A-Thon - Mini Challenge 3

Once Upon A Read-A-Thon

The third and last challenge for today is hosted by The Eager Readers. Here's what they had to say:

We are giving away two books featuring couples we love, and all you have to do to be eligible for both prizes is to post about your favorite fictional couple and a crossover couple that you would like to see. A crossover couple is a pairing that brings together two characters from unrelated books.

This is an easy one! I have several favorite fictional couples:

1. Alice and Jasper from The Twilight Saga. I am Team Alice to the core, meaning that I couldn't care less about the love triangle a la Bella, Edward, & Jacob. Alice and Jasper have the cutest love story - she saw him coming, and he felt hope when he found her.

2. Zoey and Loren from the House of Night series. Now, I KNOW that Loren was using her, and he's dead. But in my head, she looks best with him. Obviously, he felt passion for her, if even Neferet couldn't tell that he was acting.

3. Gemma and Kartik from the Gemma Doyle trilogy. Kartik is so unbelievably sexy, and he turns Gemma into the woman she yearns to be. Not to mention his choices in the last book that showed how much he loved her.

4. Samantha and Nathaniel from The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. She needed him in the worst way. I love how he was able to open her eyes to love and affection, without being stereotypically "perfect."

5. Jenna and Beetle from the Septimus Heap series. Ah, young love. Of course, they don't know it yet. But when those 2 get older, they will have a very happy life in the Palace.

6. Harry and Ginny from the HP series. There is no better combination than a black-haired boy with glasses and a red-headed girl. End of story.

Now, a crossover couple. I'm going to shoot for some secondary characters here: Jessica Stanley from The Twilight Saga and Heath Luck from the House of Night series. I think they are perfect for each other. They are both annoying, petty, immature, and oblivious.

Slightly off-topic, but that reminds me... Twihards who saw Eclipse: WTF was up with Jessica being valedictorian?!? Can someone please explain that to me?!?


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