Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooktacular Giveaway WINNER

the spooktacular giveaway has ended, thanks to everyone who entered! there were 216 comments, which equals 216 entries. i did have to delete anyone who commented but didn't leave their email address, with the exception of a select few who did have the common sense to tell me where to find their email address.

i'm sure you all want me to just shut up and say who won, right?

first, i want to remind you all of what you entered to win! that's pretty important.

it's a $15 amazon email gift card!


okay, here's the winner.

according to, comment #85 is the winner!

comment #85 was left by Pixel Berry Pie Designs! congrats to you! you've won a $15 amazon email gift card. i've emailed you; please respond within 48 hours or i will pick another winner.

to the other 215 people who didn't win, i'm sorry! i wish i could give you all gift cards, but then i wouldn't be able to afford my wedding next year.

i am participating in 2 more blog hop giveaways within the next few weeks, plus i am starting a little stack of books and swag to give away randomly. so stay tuned!


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