Thursday, December 2, 2010

Etsy... All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Back in August, I started tossing around the idea of possibly establishing myself as a photographer in business. I developed some vague long-term goals, I had a plan for how much I would charge, and I knew how many shoots I wanted to do per weekend. I even started putting together an small portfolio using photos of family and friends.

The idea has stayed somewhere in the middle of my mind (not my first priority, but something I still thought about daily) for the past 2 months. It had been working its way up on my to-do list as the holidays drew closer. Partially because I'd love some extra Christmas cash, but partially because I thought I could offer a better deal than the photo places in the mall.

Then, Rachel Durik posted an article on i heart faces about how hard it is to start a photography business. Her emphasis on the word 'business' stopped me dead in my tracks.

Who am I kidding?! I am not business-minded, not one smidge. I've never had a way with money or a hunger for enterprise. I'm lazy and content and, honestly, a little slow when it come to things like economics or statistics. (The only reason I passed my high school economics course was because every single test was open book.)

Well, there goes THAT idea.

Now what?

One of my steps to kick-start my photography business had been opening an Etsy shop. I was waiting to open a shop until I was closer to starting the business.

However, now that the business bubble has been burst, selling prints of my photos has become my new intent. I've had people offer to buy them before, and I'm pretty confident. I know I have a unique style of shooting and processing, and I know that my photos look good on a wall. (I know because I have them hanging all over the condo.)

Thus, I have now officially opened a shop on Etsy:

Artistically Amy
Providing unique prints for every room in your home!

Affordable, artistic photos printed in a variety of sizes. Get some for yourself, and for your friends.

All photos are unmatted, unless requested for an additional fee. Framing is not available at this time.

Order by December 15 to receive your prints by Christmas. Order 5+ prints and get free shipping!

Click on the banner to head on over to my shop.


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